Register bank transactions

To be able to post transactions against the company's bank accounts, you must add them in Visma eAccounting Standaard. All companies are automatically assigned a cash account and a bank account, but currency and savings accounts must be added manually. Read more in Add cash or bank account.

Register incoming and outgoing payments from the bank account

The bank transactions that have been registered in Visma eAccounting Standaard should mirror those in your company's bank account. There are different ways to register bank transactions, and the level of automation depends on which bank you have. Regardless of whether you have full automation or register your transactions manually, the place to reconcile your incoming and outgoing payments is under Cash and bank. Read more about the different options below to find your preferred way of working.

Match transactions

The registration of incoming and outgoing payments from your bank account in Visma eAccounting Standaard is the second step of the workflow, in order to match the accounting transactions with the bank transactions. Read more about the different steps in Cash and bank or proceed directly to the third step in Match bank transactions.

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