Register purchase invoice

By starting from the Purchase invoices window when you register invoices, you get a good overview of the most recent months' purchases.

  1. Select Purchasing - Purchase invoices.
  2. Select New purchase invoice.
  3. Choose the supplier for whom you want to register the invoice.

If you want to add a new supplier, you can do so from New supplier. To edit an existing supplier from this view, either click on the supplier name or mark the supplier and choose Edit.

  1. Fill in the invoice details.
  1. Indicate the projects or centres the document should be written off to if you are working with this.
  2. Choose to Save draft or Post to ledger when you are done. If you use the approval of purchase invoices feature you can also select the option Send for approval.

If you receive a purchase invoice from an EU country, it is important that you report both input and output VAT as per Belastingdienst's regulations. The invoice you receive should be VAT exempt, but in order for your VAT report to be correct, you should register input and output VAT when you enter the invoice. Refer to Belastingdienst for more information. If you want to see how the amount is posted in Euro, click on Show posts in EUR.

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