Trial balance (GL303010)

This topic gives you information about the elements that you find in this window in ERP, such as fields, field values, buttons, and check boxes.

You use this window to import the trial balances of branches from third-party software during initial implementation.
The data for import should be in either .csv or .xlsx format.

After the data has been successfully imported, you can process it by mapping the imported accounts and subaccounts to those available in the system.
The system performs mapping automatically and marks the accounts and subaccounts that do not exist in your system with error indications.
You can perform further mapping manually. After you complete the mapping and make sure the transactions are in balance, you clear the Hold check box and click Release.
This creates an adjusting batch that does the following:

  • Sets to zero the balances of all account-subaccount pairs (available in the ledger before import) for which no data was imported.
  • Updates the balances of other accounts to match those in the imported trial balance data.

Parent topic: General ledger windows - overview