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September 2022



Show articles with low stock balance when creating purchase order

If you have articles that have reached the order point or are below the order point, the program will automatically suggest that you add them to your purchase order.

When you create a purchase order and select a supplier, a list of articles with low stock balance associated with the supplier will appear. With a simple click you can add these articles to the purchase order so that you can refill your stock in time.

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Purchase order now supports non-stock articles and services

In order to fully support the purchase order flow, we've now made it possible to add non-stock articles and services to your purchase orders. When you add your articles, select the checkbox Show services and non-stock articles, which allows you to view and add non-stock articles and services.

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Fixed invoice text for Intra-Community supplies

In Settings - Company settings - Other settings, you can now enter specific invoice texts that will be displayed for your Intra-Community sales of goods and/or services.

If you have previously entered additional texts manually on such invoices to companies with a valid VAT number within the EU, you can now save time by letting Visma eAccounting fetch these texts automatically from the company settings.

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